Fort Bend County Commissioner Ken DeMerchant has accomplished a lot in serving the great people of precinct 4. Join Commissioner Ken DeMerchant's campaign and vote for Commissioner Ken DeMerchant in the upcoming election to ensure flood mitigation and tax savings stay at the forefront of precinct 4's goals.

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Strengthened Flood Mitigation

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  • Led committee for first drainage bond since Hurricane Harvey (Nov 2019)

  • Approved 5 repair and mitigation projects including Oyster Creek, Flat Bank Creek, Ditch H to keep our neighborhoods dry

  • Created PicNFix program to identify flood prone areas and fix drainage issues

  • Led Project Brazos to address erosion issues

Implemented Tax Savings

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  • Reduced County tax rate each year

  • Worked with Levee Improvement Districts to reduce tax rates

Advocated Fair Pay and Benefits

  • Led updates to County EEO policy for inclusion

  • Led effort to create position to handle Title 6 and prevailing wages

Expanded Voting Opportunities

  • Added 4 additional voting centers

  • Extended early voting hours